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Kansas City Based Vehicle Wrap Services (Key Facts)

Unchained is not just another printshop that lists vehicle wraps as one of it’s services. We are a highly specialized creative and branding company that focuses on the art of vehicle graphics. We have perfected this art form and we believe the ability to offer a full range of services under one roof makes us second to none in the Kansas City area. We believe there are key facts that should be considered when making the decision of who does your wrap:

  • Fact 1: Local or National-

    There are many great wrap companies in KC and more on the national stage. We are a believer that national brands must have “brand consistency”. To achieve that goal printing should be limited to a few key partners and we are proud to say we do partner with National Brands on projects. We find that for local companies, local vendors work much better. If you are just jumping into the world of vehicle graphics you will want to work face to face with your vendor to be sure your needs are understood and met. You will want to have your vehicle measured by professionals who are looking for the small details. With a local vendor you have the ability to see your project in various stages and to see their work first hand.

  • Fact 2 : High Quality Materials-

    Unchained only uses high performance 3M vinyl on our wraps. In the 15 years of doing vehicle graphics, we have found nothing out there comes close to matching 3M on durability and longevity. You also need to think about the removal of these wraps down the road, we also believe, 3M removal is second to none, by a long shot.
    Lesson- Always ask for “High Performance” 3M wrap material for your vehicles.

  • Fact 3: Specialized Branding Bays-

    The Unchained facility can hold multiple trailers at one time. These large bays allow us the time to properly prep your vehicle, install and inspect the wrap.
    Lesson- You can't be 100% dedicated to vehicle wraps and not have a facility to install them correctly.

  • Fact 4: In-House Graphic Installers-

    All installations are done in our facility to ensure we maintain quality control. Our facility is designed for efficiency and safety to produce the best results in the most time efficient manner.

  • Fact 5: Wrap Design-

    Unchained has a skilled creative team with years of experience. They understand that the most important element of a wrap is getting the message across quickly and it's not just about using cool Photoshop filters. Please compare our extensive portfolio with others out there, you will see our wraps get the message across.
    Lesson- Look for creative experience, look at samples and look at reviews from clients.

    On the sample front- you can review our portfolio page.

    We hope this list helps, and we look forward to visiting with you about your wrap needs.